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Critique : Happy Endings

Après Perfect Couples (NBC), Mad Love (CBS) et Traffic Light (FOX), et en attendant peut-être Friends With Benefits (NBC), une nouvelle comédie centrée sur un groupe d’amis débarque ce soir sur ABC : Happy Endings. On pourra y suivre une bande de potes secouée par la rupture de deux des […]

Critique : Breaking In (TV Squad)

More work needs to be done on all the characters; so far they’re just types, and the first episode, perhaps because of its manic tone, didn’t make me laugh much. But I can see ‘Breaking In’ growing into a pleasant, mildly goofy comedy that offers the light-adventure qualities of a […]

Critique : The Kennedys (USA Today)

Ultimately, the fatal flaw in The Kennedys isn’t that it’s liberal, conservative, flattering or unflattering. It’s that it’s so focused on the family’s private foibles that the public triumphs get lost in the mix. Obviously there was more to JFK than we saw at the time, but what we saw […]

Critique : Camelot (TV Squad)

The main thing ‘Camelot’ has going for it is a lively, unpretentious desire to entertain. It doesn’t take itself overly seriously — Merlin has a wry sense of humor — and there are some capable action sequences amid scenes of rustic splendor. As a drama, it’s not quite there yet, […]

Critique : Chaos (HitFix)

It’s a tricky blend of styles « Chaos » is trying for. Creator Tom Spezialy (« Reaper ») wants you to laugh at these guys for 3/4 of the way through the story, then be impressed when it turns out they know what they’re doing. Trying to simultaneously spoof something while being a sincere […]

Critique : Mildred Pierce (L.A. Times)

    Todd Haynes’ five-part HBO miniseries « Mildred Pierce » is not just great television, it’s a revelation. Wresting James M. Cain’s original story of ambition and maternal morality from the camp-classic embrace of the 1945 Joan Crawford film, Haynes has created not only a rich and nuanced vehicle for his […]