Jour: 03/04/2011 - 13:00

Critique : The Kennedys (USA Today)

Ultimately, the fatal flaw in The Kennedys isn’t that it’s liberal, conservative, flattering or unflattering. It’s that it’s so focused on the family’s private foibles that the public triumphs get lost in the mix. Obviously there was more to JFK than we saw at the time, but what we saw […]

Prog US du dimanche 03/04/11 : The Borgias, The Killing, The Kennedys, Desperate Housewives…

The Killing 19h30 American Dad – FOX 20h The Kennedys (mini-série) – Reelz (mini-series premiere) 21h Desperate Housewives – ABC The Killing – AMC (series premiere) Army Wives – Lifetime The Kennedys (mini-série) – Reelz The Borgias – Showtime (series premiere) 21h15 Mildred Pierce (mini-série) – HBO 21h30 The Cleveland […]